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Polly’s Philosophy:


Polly Corn Design recognizes that the physical environment has a strong effect on how people feel and work. Our mission is to identify your unique style, tastes and needs as well as support your personal goals and wish-lists. We strive to create spaces that reflect who you are and ultimately enhance your well-being.


For some, the interior design process can be overwhelming and perhaps a bit intimidating. One of the most important components of good design is the ability to truly listen to a client and to understand who they are and how they want to live in their homes. It is our job to collaborate, lead and educate throughout the design process, creating the best possible environment that will make everyone happy.

Polly C. Sullivan:

A native northern Californian, Polly was born and raised in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Following the completion of her undergraduate college education at a small liberal arts school, Polly lived a short time in Los Angeles where she enrolled in her first Interior Design course at UCLA. In 1994, shortly after returning to the Bay Area, Polly made the decision to re-locate to Boston where she attended the New England School of Art & Design graduating from the Interior Design program in 1999. In the years following, Polly went to work for several high-end residential interior design firms around Boston.


In 2008, Polly Corn Design was launched and Polly has been working to help clients create spaces that are both beautiful and sensibly functional. Polly treats every project as a unique opportunity to help express a client’s lifestyle, taking pride in creating balanced spaces that have flow & function. Her biggest rewards are when her clients are drawn into their new space and love coming home.


With over 20 years of experience within Boston’s Interior Design Community, Polly brings long-established and trusted relationships across multiple product showrooms, vendors, suppliers and trade professionals.

“Enjoy your time working with Polly Corn! I have employed Polly for both big and small projects. She has helped me refresh a room and completely redo a room. She has also worked with me to design and furnish a full home. Polly has approached each project with a clear vision that includes understanding my design ideas, budget and timeline. She has a keen eye for details and is well informed on the nuances that come with working with contractors (be they builder, carpenter, window treatments, etc.). Enjoy Your time working with Polly. It will be fun.”

Carrie B., Newton


“I needed a completely remodeled kitchen, and had the pleasure of working with Polly to achieve that goal. It was a very small and challenging space, and I could not have been happier with the results. She listened to what I liked, and was very good at steering me in the right direction when selecting materials. What I liked best, was that when she knew something would not work, she was very diplomatic, but firm about taking another route. Anytime I wasn’t quite sure about something, her choices ended up being my absolute favorite ones. She is always approachable, professional and patient. She was always persistent in trying to move the project forward despite some less than cooperative contracting, which can certainly be challenging. I highly recommend her, and plan on using her services again when I remodel my bathroom.”

Mary G., Boston

“Polly Corn Design was my first experience working with a designer. I quickly learned that there are areas in which I need to trust an experienced professional who can present possibilities which might never occur to me. Kitchen tile is a good example. Polly took me to a high quality tile store. She exposed me to possibilities that I never knew existed and very quickly a choice for just the right backsplash came together.

Polly’s excellent color sense was the key to developing the color scheme for my entire house. I participated actively and learned how a rug or fabric selection can then direct all other color decisions.
Furniture selection is the hardest process for me to share with a designer. Before working with Polly, I made some furniture choices which did not “work out”. Polly helped steer me in the right direction. If I have to be the ship’s captain, Polly helped me to realize that I do need a harbor pilot before I actually dock the boat.”

Davis C., Lexington

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